Finding the Gifts That Make You Uniquely You

Finding the Gifts That Make You Uniquely You


Each of us is an incredible

Unique expression of life. Each of us has unique strengths, weaknesses, and world views. We don’t really realize that we are unique. We are often too close to see in ourselves what other people see in us. We take ourselves for granted. We may have an incredibly special gift, but if we’ve been like that all our lives why would it come to our notice anyway?

We have a tendency to forget or not to notice

The qualities which make us special. Those qualities have been with us all of our lives, or have developed gradually in our constant effort to respond to our ever-changing environments. What we cannot see, however, may be exactly the things other people see when they look at us. If you have a particular way of talking or you are an excellent listener, you may know that on some level, but it’s going to have a much bigger impact on the way other people perceive you than the way you perceive yourself.

Finding and learning to love our unique gifts

Is a step on the road to fully expressing your truth. When we don’t know ourselves well enough to appreciate our qualities, we can’t live in full service to others. People see in us what we do not, and they are drawn to us because of the gifts or qualities we possess. If you don’t know what those are, you might be constantly shifting your behaviors or playing roles that aren’t right for you.

This brings to mind the story of a man I’ll call Dave.

Dave was an exceptionally upbeat, positive person, but he never really realized it. He thought the way he viewed the world wasn’t that different from the way other people did. When people came to Dave, they wanted true Dave. They wanted the upbeat, positive, silver-lining Dave. So when his clients came to him and he switched roles to the super-serious professional Dave (because this is what he thought his clients expected of him), then the people he was meant to serve no longer resonated with him.

Since we haven’t always seen our own uniqueness

A good way to find out our gifts is to ask other people. Send an email to a few friends asking, “What makes me uniquely me?” “What makes me memorable?” If we can work on those strengths and incorporate them into our work and relationships, everyone around us can benefit. Of course, there is always the personal benefit from coming into our selves. It’s one step closer to living our truth, and wouldn’t we all like to be there?
Think about this question: when I am fully self-expressed, what to people come away remembering about me or appreciating about me?

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Dr. Ryan K. Marchman