Chiropractic Testimonials


"Dr. Ryan Marchman’s excellent care has been assisting greatly with the healing process of two significant past vertebral fractures. His extensive knowledge and ability of conveying complex concepts not only assists to this end, but draws me into valuable understanding of the healing process and lends me great confidence and trust in his practice."

- Andrew G.

"If you’re thinking about which doctor to visit for Chiropractic, Dr. Ryan is the one. His method prevents, recovers, and optimizes not just your back pains, but your entire health as a whole."

- Hamed A.

"I had the pleasure of finding Dr. Marchman with the Adjustatorium after injuring my back. The convenience of his appointments and location of his office has made my road to recovery very effective. Dr. Marchman is friendly and provides a very a relaxed office setting. With his chiropractic adjustments I can manage a pain-free life."

- Melody C.

"I am grateful I found Dr. Ryan Marchman. Suffering with back pain injuries for years, I liked the idea of a gentle healthy approach to healing. Dr. Ryan was able to use his expert knowledge of the spine, kind bedside manner, and passion for helping me heal by way of a very gentle but profound way of adjusting the spine…I highly recommend Dr Ryan Marchman for all your chiropractic needs. Dr. Ryan you are top notch in my book."

- Kathryn K.

"Dr. Ryan is both mindful and knowledgeable. In my first appointment he took the time to inform me about the type of Chiropractic care he practices, answering my questions before, during and after he adjusted me. I have felt heard, comfortable and safe trusting Dr. Ryan with my spine! Upon leaving his office I feel relaxed, fully in my body and more receptive. Thank you Dr. Ryan!"

- Courtney J.

"I moved to Niwot, CO in September 2016 and the hunt was on for me to find my wellness tribe in my new home. I tried a few other chiropractors in town, and was underwhelmed, and through fortuitous circumstances met Dr. Ryan at a yoga class. I came to my first visit at The Adjustatorium and was blown away!!! I’ve had several major car accidents throughout my life and have seen chiropractors since I was a child and as a certified yoga instructor I know first hand the transformative healing power of a holistic wellness program that originates from the spine and radiates through all areas of your life. Dr. Ryan’s gentle, precise, and intuitive adjustments are the best I’ve ever experienced, and I leave each session with Dr. Ryan feeling grateful and confident that I’ve found a partner in my wellness regimen that respects my priorities, executes with integrity, and above all, serves the community from a heart motivated by love and wellness for all."

- Summer R.

"Dr. Ryan has gone above and beyond the call of duty from my first appointment with him. I came to him with a painful sacral injury from a gym workout. I was a bit skeptical from the beginning as I’ve not had great success with chiropractors in the past. However, something about Ryan gave me a deep level of trust in both his chiropractic skills and overall healing abilities. Once I began a regular care regime with him, he took care of me completely. Not only was he making physical adjustments on my back, but he cared deeply about me as a person and was always willing to discuss my concerns and questions. He’s helped advise me on the entire scope of healing necessary– including emotional and energetic factors. I can’t imagine the past couple months without him! I recommend him very highly for anyone who desires a fully attentive, talented, and loving chiropractor."

- Kelley N.