What to Expect From the Adjustatorium

Chiropractic Niwot CO The Doctor is In

The Adjustatorium offers a pleasant chiropractic experience for the whole family. From our beautiful office to Dr. Marchman’s deep caring, you will notice the difference right away. Chiropractic at The Adjustatorium may be different from what you expect, but Dr. Marchman will be sure to answer all your questions before you start care.

  • Simply contact us to schedule your initial consultation.
  • Be sure to arrive on time to fill out your paperwork.
  • We start with a no obligation conversation to make sure care in our office is right for you.
  • Dr. Marchman will explain how his approach to chiropractic can help you heal, grow, and reach your potential.
  • After your free consultation if you and our approach are a good fit, Dr. Marchman will perform a thorough neuro-spinal assessment to determine the state of your nervous system. Your first adjustment will be gentle, precise, and customized just for your spine.
  • Each adjustment is uniquely crafted to suit the needs of your spine.
  • After your assessment and first adjustment, Dr. Marchman will recommend a course of care based on your specific situation, needs, and goals.
  • Our chiropractic tables are crafted by hand and custom made to our specifications. They are comfortable and can accommodate everyone: infants, children, teens, adults, and even pregnant moms!

Investment in Your Health

  • Initial Consultation – FREE!
  • First Visit (including a thorough exam, neuro-spinal assessment) – $150
  • Regular Adjustment – $65

We pride ourselves on being transparent and reasonable with our prices. We will never charge you hidden fees or push additional services. Dr. Ryan will design the best care plan for your fastest healing and best expression of life, and our payment plans make easy to save.

Energy Work Chiropractic is a spiritual discipline as much as it is a physical one. Dr. Ryan brings his unique experiences with both physical and spiritual healing to bear with each adjustment. Training in energy work since the age of 12, Dr. Ryan is a true master of both Eastern and Western techniques and philosophies, including qigong, reiki, Polarity, Tibetan Shamanic healing, Taoist cosmology, metaphysics, and much more. You can be sure that Dr. Ryan approaches each and every interaction with you as a sacred trust. Each adjustment you receive works on both the physical and subtle levels of your being.