Chiropractor Ryan Marchman D.C.

Chiropractor Niwot CO Ryan MarchmanWhy do I practice Chiropractic?

When I was five years old I nearly died. I was very sick and none of the doctors or nurses could figure out why. I spent seven days in the pediatric intensive care unit at the regional hospital in Gainesville, Georgia. They told my parents that I was going to die and that there was nothing they could do.

And then I lived. I woke up one morning and I was no longer in the ICU. I slid out of the hospital bed and pulled my little IV cart out of my room and down the hall where I could see out of the window. There were trees and grass, blue skies, and everything seemed to be bursting with color. Everything seemed so alive. At that moment, I felt closer to the source of life than I ever had before or ever had since. I call this my “near life experience.”

For the next two decades I was insatiable in my quest to learn. I had tasted the heart of life itself and from that point forward I became Life’s student. I started with my dad’s encyclopedic dictionary, then the next year I moved on to an electronic version of the Encyclopedia Brittanica (before we had internet). As I grew I learned more and more. I was attracted to every subject that could get me closer to the core of the human experience. I was dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of illness and wellness, and of human behavior and potential.

I studied subjects ranging from the far left-brained sciences of molecular biology, biochemistry, to the far right-brained subjects of metaphysics, and human spirituality, and everything in between. Throughout the course of my search I was drawn always towards life, health, healing, wellness, and wellbeing. I learned qigong, martial arts, energy work, reiki, Chinese medicine, acupressure, sports massage, nutrition, traditional herbalism, and more as I traveled along my journey of discovering the essence of healing. It was along this journey that I also discovered my great love for teaching others what I’d learned.

Then, 20 years after my “near-life” experience I was attending chiropractic school at LIFE University when I heard a talk by Dr. Arno Burnier, who has since become my great friend and mentor. Arno uttered these words that his mentor had told to him, “You cannot fight darkness. You can only turn on the light. You cannot fight sickness and disease. You can only turn on Life.” That statement summed up so beautifully everything I had learned in my search.

I knew then Vitalistic Chiropractic was not just another therapy to add to my already full bag of tricks, but that it contained the very essence of the philosophy of healing: healing comes from the process of life itself, and its my job to help that healing process function smoothly. Since that fateful day, I have seen chiropractic change the lives of people around the world. I bring all of my love, knowledge, and experience to bear with every adjustment I give. And don’t worry. My quest goes on. I’m always still learning!


Dr. Ryan Marchman is a teacher, healer, and philosopher at The Adjustatorium in Niwot. He has trained in both classical and contemporary healing arts since he was a child. As a teacher and speaker he opens minds to the wisdom that lies within, showing people the truth of human potential. He has dedicated his life to unlocking the mysteries of wellness, illness, and human behavior. He holds an A.S. Degree in Psychology, a B.S. Degree in Health Coaching, and the Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from Life University. His training includes qigong (energy work), both traditional and modern martial arts, reiki, eastern and western philosophy, meditation techniques, progressive muscle relaxation, breathing techniques, life coaching, health coaching, classical Chinese massage, neuromuscular therapy, and of course Vitalistic Chiropractic. Dr. Marchman is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association and is on staff at MLS seminars, traveling and teaching other chiropractors and chiropractic students a masterful and honoring approach to chiropractic adjusting.