Why do I wear orange socks?

It's more than an admittedly super-cool fashion statement. Mostly, I wear them out of respect. Respect for a friend and mentor Dr. Suzan Rossi, who I worked for in Atlanta during my internship. She is a chiropractic shaman and spiritual teacher.

But why orange?

Dr. Suzan is fond of recommending orange socks or shoes. Your feet are the way your move through the world. They are the foundation you stand on and your connection to the ground. Orange is the color of your second (sacral) chakra (an energy center), which among other things, is your generative center.

How you relate to others

It's the center for generativity, creativity, worth, money, and energy of how you relate to others in the world both personally and in business. It's element is water, and just like water this energy has to flow. It has to be put to good use to create something that supports greater life for all.

As I create The Adjustatorium and its community, as I create a business that delivers my very special service of love to ever greater numbers of people, I like to remind myself of little things. Of orange socks. Thank you, Dr. Suzan.
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Dr. Ryan