The Spiritual Illness

The Spiritual Illness


As we have said, all illness is the result of restricted, halted, or blocked energy flow in the body. These interferences can be physical, chemical, or psycho-emotional in origin. There can also be blockages of a spiritual nature that nonetheless manifest in a person’s physical life and body as illness or imbalance.

Very often these illnesses will persist

Despite the best efforts of both patient and practitioner. Removing restrictions through normal means seems to have limited effect, to the frustration of everyone.

For an illness to be cleared from a person’s life

The need for that underlying blockage must be relinquished. That may mean that in order to heal requires that a person make a major leap in consciousness. In essence, a person must grow until he or she becomes the kind of person who no longer needs to be sick.

Some illnesses go even deeper.

In the realm of souls or our higher selves, however you conceive them to be, we agree upon what lessons we will learn and what roles we will play before we are even born. All of our higher-selves are aware of these agreements before ever we meet. So, sometimes an illness is the manifestation of one of these soul contracts, a Karmic bond that is unreachable by most healers and healing methods. That is because the underlying energy blockage is “written in” to a person’s life in order to facilitate learning and growth for the individual and those whom they affect. This is often the case with genetic diseases and catastrophic injuries.

People for whom an illness is soul-derived

Tend to have developed a deep strength throughout the course of their lives as they learned to surrender fully to Life’s process. Often, they have achieved profound healing on a soul level and can inspire others even if their physical disease remains. The value of these people to the human experience should not be underestimated. They are true spiritual warriors.


When the lesson is learned or the soul contract fulfilled, a person may go through what appears to be a spontaneous healing. The underlying blockage (soul contract) is released, allowing the body to heal and Life to proceed normally. Every illness contains the seed of learning and learning is an integral part of some healing processes.

-An excerpt from one of my upcoming books. Don't ask me when it's coming out because it could be years 😉
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