Dog Getting Adjusted by Chiropractor Ryan Marchman

FRIENDLINESS: “Aren’t you nervous about having that dog so close to your face? Aren’t you afraid it’s going to bite you?” Well, no. Not this dog anyway. This is Stanley, and he and I have a mutually friendly relationship. He knows that I am going to adjust him and he feels better. In exchange, he understands that as his animal chiropractor in Niwot, I need his cooperation to keep us both safe. This dog is well trained so he would never dream of biting me unless I was way out of line.

Stanley is great, but not all of my animal patients are this easy. Sometimes with a new dog or cat who doesn’t know me or trust me, it takes some time for them to understand the process of an adjustment. I take precautions, but once in a while I still get scratched or nipped. Sometimes I need a muzzle or a blanket. That’s why it’s so important to develop a friendly quality with the animals I work with.

Reaching Mutual Respect As An Animal Chiropractor in Niwot

Eventually we reach a breakthrough where the animal starts to see me as a friend, someone with whom it can interact playfully and happily instead of defensively. The guard falls and they love doing what they can to make the adjustment easy for me. This would never be possible if I sedated the animals or tried to control them by force.

Patients like Stanley begin to greet me like an old friend because they know I am here to help and they are in my office to get help. That’s probably the number one key to staying safe around dogs, cats, and especially horses. If the animal knows you are it’s friend and you won’t let anything bad happen to it, it will do everything in its power to help you. Even if they are temporarily annoyed or In discomfort, they know and trust the process because it’s coming from a friend.

Being friendly to all those you meet, human or animal, will open more doors for you than anything else. It goes a long way towards changing yourself and the world. To see if your animal is a good fit for chiropractic care, call our team at The Adjustatorium in Niwot. Be friendly, friends.

Dr. Ryan