Chiropractic Care for Horses in Niwot CO

ALIGNMENT: Every creature is designed to be perfectly aligned. Aligned in
body, mind, and soul. Each living being is formed in perfect alignment with its environment and the demands placed on it by the forces of life. For humans that also means alignment within who we really are and what we offer the world. For a horse, it means the fullest expression of its life force as a living being.

As a top Niwot animal chiropractor, I am in the business of alignment. When people think of chiropractors they tend to think of someone who treats back pain or musculoskeletal disorders. My real work goes much deeper than that. When I approach a neuro-spinal system, be it human or animal, my intention isn’t only to relieve suffering. I am not here to cater to the body’s weakness. My intention is to bring about circumstances that allow that system to express as much life as it possibly can.

Niwot Chiropractor Explains The Importance of Alignment

It’s my job to align bones, sure, in a manner of speaking anyway. But the real work comes in helping people align with their deepest, most fulfilling drives. Helping them to align in harmony with their families and communities. Helping them heal old wounds that keep them guarded against a future of possible success. When I look at a patient, I don’t only see someone who’s suffering. I see someone who is on the way to an experience of life that is far greater than they have the capacity to imagine.

You see, when a creature is out of alignment with its natural being, the world becomes a dark and painful place. Shadows appear where there used to be light and obstacles appear where there used to be opportunities. This misalignment becomes a way of being until the world of infinite possibilities becomes a far off dream, the naive musings of someone who’s never suffered.

My job as a chiropractor at The Adjustatorium, is to peel those layers of protection and hurt from the nervous system, to release and unwind the patterns that keep my patients stuck. When I was adjusting this horse (his name is Grant and he’s lovely), the handler had a lightbulb moment. She said, “wow, so many things that are diagnosed as behavioral problems in a horse might really just be because they need an adjustment?” Yes, absolutely. An organism that is beset by suffering, protectiveness, and blockages to the full expression of life simply can’t behave at its best. It lives in a world where things are dangerous and painful, and how could you expect the best out of anyone who sees the world that way?

As a Niwot chiropractor, that’s my real work, and that’s why I love doing what I do. Moving bones is the mechanical part. I’m in it for the magical part. The part where I see changes that ripple through lives, families, and communities. It’s my way of serving the highest good, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way.

Dr. Ryan