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LISTENING: Early in my martial arts career, about the age of 12, I learned about a concept called 'jing.' A jing is a particular way of expressing your personal power in martial arts. There are jings for advancing, jings for retreating, explosive jings, and subtler jings. The one that has had the most impact on my life, however, is called 'listening jing.' Top Niwot animal chiropractor explains.

Listening jing is a way of merging with the mind and body of one's opponent, not listening with the ears but using the body to sense and 'feel' the other's intentions and movements. It's the secret skill of the Taijiquan masters who were said to be able to hold a little bird in hand without grasping it, as they could listen so well through their hands the bird couldn't exert enough force to fly away.

The Importance of Listening to Animals in Niwot CO

This is how I learned to listen to animals. I started with my dogs at home on our little hay farm, using my hands to feel their motions, emotions, and trying to tune into their very being. Soon I found myself in the horse pastures across the creek from us, working with the horses and learning to earn their trust.

I didn't have permission from anyone, and approaching strange horses without supervision probably wasn't the safest thing to do, but you know how kids are with horses. There's no stopping them.

Listening is probably the skill I use the most today when I work with animals. They can't communicate like we do, and my 'listening jing' allows me to join with them, merging our intentions and attentions so that we can do the job together. It was a skill that developed organically through my life as a fighter and a healer. I didn't know it would one day be crucial to my career as an animal chiropractor.

Listening is the most important thing I do, not with the ears, but with my hands. The deep pulsation of life force in the body of another is a palpable, sensible presence that one can only access through an act of deep listening. My human clients on the table and my animal clients in the pastures each tell me a different story through their body. Each one is so unique and special, and it's an honor to be able to hear them.

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Dr. Ryan