Horse Chiropractic Adjustment in Niwot CO

INTELLIGENCE: Horses are amazingly intelligent creatures. They are inquisitive and observant, and they want you to communicate with them. If they understand what you are trying to do they will do everything in their power to help you do it. They want to be in cooperation with you. Being an animal chiropractor in Niwot allowed me to gain a different respect for these large animals.

Horses have unfettered access to the innate intelligence that organizes life on a very basic level. In that way, they are more in touch than we humans who have our educated minds always interfering with our natural intelligence. They don’t have the stories and questions that we have. They don’t have the attachments to their ailments.

That’s part of the magic of working with animals. They know I am here to help and when they give me their cooperation to work towards their healing, the changes are almost immediate. They don’t hold onto the story of their hurtness, so after the adjustment in Niwot, they go right back to being the amazing, intelligent creature they were before they became subluxated. Their nervous system clears out the pattern and they don’t bring it back again nearly as quickly as humans do.

Chiropractic Care For Large Animals in Niwot CO

People often wonder how it’s possible to work with a large animal such as a horse. They imagine horses as big dumb brutes who you have to force or coerce into doing what you want, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Dr. Jay taught me that first and foremost, you have to respect the animal in order to work with it on a deep level. That means recognizing the amazing intelligence that lies behind those big dark eyes.

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Dr. Ryan