Chiropractic Adjustment For Horses in Niwot CO

TRUST: My older brother Grant used to tell me I had a gift for working with animals. He called me the animal whisperer because I was the only other person who could get his dogs to behave. We grew up with a variety of animals in the house. Dogs, cats, minks, squirrels, snakes, lizards. We had them all at some point growing up. Read more to see how I became an animal chiropractor in Niwot.

So, how does one become an ‘animal whisperer?’ I don’t know. I can’t tell you how because I don’t even know myself where my affinity for non-humans comes from. What I can share with you though is my experience with trust. Animals will only cooperate with a person for two reasons: either they trust that person or they are afraid of them.

I never want an animal to be afraid of me, so I focus on developing trust. Each time I meet a horse or a dog or cat, I keep my mind focused on presence and love. I extend myself nonphysically towards the animal and invite it to be in relationship with me.

An animal can tell whether you are there to harm or help, so I try to get myself completely out of the way so they can feel my intention and learn to trust that I am not there to harm them, but only there to help and show my unconditional love. Many people wonder how it’s possible for a chiropractor in Niwot to work with an animal as large and unpredictable as a horse, and this is how. My mentor Jay always says “there is a big difference between doing something TO an animal and doing something WITH an animal.”

So, I invite them to be in relationship with me and we start from there. That’s the secret to being ‘good’ with animals. It’s a willingness to extend the most real part of yourself with no pretense and let the animal make up its own mind about you.

Then, I have to place my trust in the animal as well. I have to trust that they are going to work with me. It’s a dance of boundaries and permission, establishing mutual rules about how we will behave with each other so neither one of us gets hurt. I am so grateful that my career has led me to be able to use my predilection towards animals in this way.

Someone once said that not to trust may be smart, but to trust is the greatest act of courage a human being is capable of. Each day those I work with teach me a little more about trust.

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Dr. Ryan