Little Birds

Little Birds


I am watching these little birds

Flitting around looking for food during my coffee break today. They fly in, bounce around, and fly away as they carry on living in the only way they know how.

I am reminded of the most important lesson

The most important lesson I ever learned about dealing with people. My life has been a study in the impermanence of relationships. I felt the need to hold tight onto those I cared about. Once, during a particularly difficult parting, my psychology professor said the following to me:
"You can't hold on to people. Treat them as you would a tiny bird. If it lands in your palm, enjoy its company, but if you close your fist and try to hold it, it will die. Let your hand be open. Allow people do to as they must. It's the only thing you can do."

Ever since then I have paid closer attention to little birds

How they come into and out of my life directed by their own inner wisdom. They do what they do and I don't try to catch them. I have learned to leave my hand open, to let people go freely so they can come back when the time is right. As another mentor taught me, I have learned not to bind people to me, but to allow them to bond themselves to me if they wish.

The only way to have something is to let it go.

The Tao te Ching reminds me "learn to have nothing and you will have everything." Yoda advises me, "train yourself to let go of all you fear to lose." Once you have let go of the need to have, you can begin to experience the joy of having without condition.
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