wellness sun

There is an in extinguishable light within you that aches to shine. An inexhaustible source of life that yearns to be expressed. It's a deep well of spirit and wholeness within you from which you can always draw.

Life is expression

Life itself exists to express more of itself! Too often we go through life hiding our light for fear that we won't be accepted. Sometimes we fear that others will see us for who we really are. Sometimes we are afraid of just how bright our light really is. Our own greatness scares us.

First lesson

The first lesson is to see that life within ourselves. To become aware of our own light and to know it's goodness. We can always look to it as a source of strength and guidance. The second lesson it so see that space in others. When we can speak to that deep source within them we can reach them even in their deepest darkness.

We go through our lives waiting

We wait for people to see our light, but for fear of being discovered we keep it hidden away. Know that this is true of other people too, who are just as afraid as you are. Reach the deep well within yourself and live from that place. Speak to others' deep wells also. Skip the covers people wear to conceal their light.
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