We live in a world full of activity.

Action and striving are the zeitgeist of our age. If you aren't moving forward, you're moving backwards. If you aren't first, you're last. That is the prevailing attitude of people today.

Always doing something

We are so trained to always be doing something, that we have forgotten when to be still. We've forgotten what stillness is, and why it is so important. Everything in nature goes through cycles of activity and stillness, so when we always charge forward we leave our essential nature behind.

Like the mountain resting quietly on the Earth

Observing in stillness throughout the ages, we can learn to stop, slow down, take a look, and find peace. When a challenging situation arises we can be assailed by anxiety and fear that we may not get what we want. We fear that if we don't take immediate and vigorous action that our efforts will be ruined. Sometimes it's best to stop, step away from the situation for a while and completely detach from it. Look out across the ages as the mountain does to put everything into perspective.

Maybe, once you've discovered your stillness, the right action arises on its own. Visit The Adjustatorium today.
LOVE Dr. Ryan